mobile portable toilet
mobile portable toilet
mobile portable toilet
mobile portable toilet
mobile portable toilet mobile portable toilet mobile portable toilet mobile portable toilet
Prefabricated shower toilets mobile single fast assembly portable outdoor, portable toilet

Mobile toilets originated from people’s temporary and staged needs for toilets in some specific occasions, such as construction sites, shipbuilding berths and other workplaces. In order to reduce the time for workers to travel to and from fixed toilets and improve labor efficiency, mobile toilets are set up on the slipway and on the construction site.

Large-scale gatherings, sports events and other large audiences have temporary needs for toilets, etc. Due to the lack of the number and layout of public toilets in the city, the government recommends that mobile public toilets be arranged in areas where it is relatively difficult to build fixed public toilets to make up for the shortage of public toilets and unreasonable layout.

The structure of the mobile toilet is an independent single body, which contains a squatting position and a sink, and is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, polyethylene and other materials. The features are light in structure, very convenient for handling or hoisting, and some can even be assembled on site, occupying a small area and facilitating flexible arrangement.

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Pumping tank: air pressure pumping tank, fast filling speed and more powerful flushing.

Stainless steel door lock: The toilet door lock is a customized spherical lock, quality assurance, glass glue adopts special glue for steel structure, environmental protection, long service life, not easy to oxidize

Complete facilities: air pressure flushing tank, exhaust fan with switch socket, energy saving light bulb.

Ventilating shutters: The shutters are designed with stainless steel flat tubes for good ventilation.

Bottom bracket: The bottom is made of galvanized square tube, which is more durable, environmentally friendly, anti-rust, and has good waterproof performance. It has been tested for water leakage before leaving the factory.

Anti-slip floor: The toilet interior adopts thickened stainless steel anti-slip floor, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and non-slip, and durable.

item value
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Online technical support, Free spare parts
Project Solution Capability graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects
Application Hotel,workshop,plant, hospital
Place of Origin China Jiangsu
Brand Name CaADUs
Product Type Portable Toilet
Design Style Traditional
Product name Caadus  portable toilet
Material Steel ; EPS Sandwich Panel; Alumium Columns/Trimming; Aluminum Floor;
Size 1100*1100*2300 mm or customized
Weight 98kg
Standard Equipment Squat toilet,Wash basin,socket,light,switch,exhaust fan
Facilities Flushing;hand washing sink;Squat toilet;lock;water inlet/outlet
Optional Equipment Waste Tank,Shower,Bidets,Hook,Mirror; Urinal

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