What is prefebricated home?

A prefabricated home, also known as a prefab home or modular home, is a home that is built off-site in a factory using standardized building techniques and then transported to the location where it will be occupied. These homes are often assembled quickly and can be more cost-effective than homes built on-site. They may also be more energy-efficient and sustainable than traditional homes.

How modular homes builds?

Modular homes are built in sections, or modules, in a factory setting. These sections are built to meet the same building codes and standards as site-built homes, and are often constructed using similar materials. The sections are then transported to the building site, where they are assembled on a foundation using cranes. The process of assembling the modules is similar to building with Legos, where each module is connected to the other, and utilities are connected to provide the home with electricity, plumbing, and heating. Once assembled, the home is often indistinguishable from a site-built home and can include custom features and finishes.

What are your main products?

Our main products have prefab house, Assemble container house, Folding container house, Flat pack container house, sandwich panel and other steel constructive materials.

Is it difficult to build a prefab house?

Absolutely not, you can build the house independently according to the construction drawings as long as you know how to use an electric tool.

What will client provide before factory offers good quotation?

You tell us container house type, size, quantity, material of roof, wall, floor and other parts, we will check and fast offer you quotation.

How to choose a modular home design?

Choosing a modular home design can be a challenging task, but by following these steps, you can make the process easier:
Determine your needs: Before you start looking at different designs, it's important to determine your needs in terms of size, layout, and features. Consider the number of rooms you need, the size of the rooms, and any special features you would like, such as a home office or a large kitchen.
Research different designs: Look at different modular home designs that are available and compare their features and layouts. Look for designs that match your needs and preferences.
Consider the floor plan: The floor plan is one of the most important aspects of a modular home design. Make sure that the floor plan is functional and meets your needs. Consider the flow of the home, the placement of the rooms, and the overall layout.
Think about customization: Many modular home designs can be customized to meet your specific needs. Consider how you can modify the design to better suit your preferences.
Think about the future: Consider how your needs may change in the future and choose a design that can accommodate those changes.
Think about the land: Consider the land you have or you will buy and make sure that the design of the house will fit and look good on it.
Check the warranty and customer service: Before making a final decision, research the company's reputation and customer service and make sure they have a good warranty.
By considering these factors and doing your research, you can find a modular home design that meets your needs and preferences.

Could you please design a new and unique prefab house for me?

Absolutely! We are able to provide you with not only construction scheme, but landscape design! One-stop service is our outstanding superiority with no doubt.