We have experience to setup ADUs and make it  profitable for you in Southern California from start to finish.

Increased Property Value

Adding an ADU to a property can increase its overall value. The additional living space can be attractive to potential buyers or renters

Rental Income

ADUs provide an opportunity for homeowners to generate rental income. Renting out the ADU can help offset mortgage costs or provide additional financial resources

Affordable Housing

ADUs contribute to addressing housing shortages by providing additional housing options. They can serve as more affordable alternatives to traditional homes, helping to diversify housing options

What We Do

Personal Consultant

Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire ADU process—or whatever step(s) you need help with.

Financing & Budgeting

We help you set a budget and walk you through the lending process.

Designing & Permitting

Our in-house experts will turn your ADU idea into a formal design, then ensure that design is feasible through permitting.


Our expert consultants help you turn your new accessory dwelling unit in Southern California into a new source of income.


When you work with our recommended contractors, we act as your advocate throughout the entire construction phase.


We’ll help you ensure the completed build is up to your standards—and fully compliant with Southern California accessory dwelling unit regulations.

Four strategies to unlock property value

Southern California’s ADUs come in many shapes and designs. Choose the option that’s right for you.
Attached ADU

Expand the footprint of your current home by up to 50% with an attached ADU. Choose a pre-approved floor plan or customize one for your needs.

Detached ADU

Put open space on your property to better use with detached ADUs up to 1,200 sq. ft. Whether you want an ADU design that feels like an extension of your house or a fresh new take.

Garage Conversion

Kick the car to the curb and convert your garage into an income-generating ADU. Easily add a studio rental with a cozy kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Second Story or Basement Conversion

No extra land? No problem! ADUs can be added above or below the primary residence to provide a new layer of value for your property.

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