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Solar Box
Solar Box
Solar Box
Solar Box Solar Box Solar Box Solar Box
Solar box single story

★ The color steel plate is made by bonding and rolling the steel plate and polystyrene through the adhesive, giving full play to the characteristics of different materials, so that the prefab house has good fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.
★ All components of the prefabricated house are produced by standard factory prefabrication, which not only facilitates installation and disassembly, but also enriches the layout of the prefab house and the functionality of the house by freely adding, reducing and changing the positions of doors, windows and partitions.
★ The components of the movable room are recycled. After the components are galvanized, they can be used for 20 years without any construction waste.
★ The complete disassembly and assembly of the components of the mobile house makes the house easy to transport and saves costs.

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(1) Semi-bulk shipment for long-distance transportation
(2) High aesthetics
(3) High-end materials
(4) Structure waterproof
(5) Long service life
(6) Sandwiches can be packaged and exported

Flat pack product details
Bottom Frame Thick profiled steel
  Floor Fiber,cement, waterproof, fireproof
Roof Top Tile Thick profiled steel
  Insulation Rock wool
  Ceiling Steel sheet bottom tile
Color Blue,Red,White and Custom Color
Fitting Cold rolled steel profile, galvanization, welded
Wall panel Sandwich panel with rock wool
Window Sliding PVC profiled windows
Door Steel door with dimension
Electricity Light, Switch, Socket, Distribution box
Use House, Shop, Warehouse, Workshop, Hotel, Kiosk, Booth Office.
Painting Automatic galvanizing and baking paint spray molding

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